I’ve Remembered

Just like all babies, I was happy, whole and content.

Just like most children, I was taught that I was imperfect and incomplete.

I was taught that my happiness was outside of me and I had to work hard towards it: I had to learn lots of things, earn degrees, get jobs, earn money, buy cars, make friends, find a husband, have children, buy a house, have annual family vacations…

I was taught that those were just prerequisites, and even meeting all of them would not guarantee happiness.

I was taught that the world was cruel and unfair, that there would be many obstacles on my way, that I would have to compete with all other people in my personal and professional lives, and that people were mean and could hurt me any time physically or emotionally.

I was taught that everyone around me would always be judging my appearance, my behavior, my words, my personality, my achievements… and always see flaws.

I was taught that I would have to do a lot of work on myself, push myself, improve myself, reinvent myself and make myself a better person, that I would fail miserably every day, but would have to keep fighting.

I was taught that without love, life was meaningless, but my love was hidden in some other person and my chance of finding “the one” among the billions was very slim.

I was taught that even if I managed to find him, he might not want to give me love, and then my life would be empty.

I was taught that even if I found him and he did agree to give me love, it wouldn’t last long and once it left, I would only get occasional glimpses of it, and the rest of the time I would be unhappy…

Just like many people, I was taught a lot of lies, but just like many people, I’ve remembered something.

I’ve remembered that I am already happy, whole and complete, and there is absolutely nothing that I need to get from anyone or to give anyone to achieve that.

I’ve remembered that life is not a competition and not a marathon, and there is nowhere to run, nothing to seek, nothing to do, nothing to achieve and nothing to improve.

I’ve remembered that love is not a commodity; it does not belong to anyone and cannot be traded, stolen or lost; it is all around me and it is me.

I’ve remembered that there’s never been any need to chase any mirages because the Life Source is in me.

I’ve remembered that my Soul doesn’t have any agendas, goals, objectives, tasks, to-do lists, destinations, deadlines, milestones, benchmarks…, and that I am my Soul.

I’ve remembered the Truth.

The race is over.

I have arrived.


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