The Wizard of Oz

I’ve gone to see the Wizard of Oz.

“What would you like to have?” asked the Wizard excitedly. “I can help you create the life of your dreams! You can have absolutely ANYTHING you want! What do you want? Go ahead, order!” – He had a huge smile on his face while holding the pen at the ready in anticipation of a long list.

“I don’t know…” I replied nervously. “I can’t think of anything right now…”

“Really?” the Wizard sounded quite surprised and a bit disappointed. “Most people can think of lots of things!.. That’s OK, though! No worries – I’ll help you!” – there was a new wave of enthusiasm in his voice. “Would you like to create a lot of wealth, prosperity and abundance? Would you like to never worry about money again and be able to afford anything you desire?”

“Hmmm… I guess… That would be nice, of course,” – I didn’t want to sound ungrateful, – “but that doesn’t feel like something that my heart truly longs for…”

“Okey-dokey… Would you like to live by the ocean, surrounded by exotic animals, green forests and multicolored flowers and bushes?”

“That would also be great,” I responded, “but it is still not what my heart really longs for…”

“How about fame, luck, success and power?” – the Wizard was still smiling, but the forced smile began looking more like a scowl, and I could tell he was starting to feel impatient and annoyed with me – “Everyone wants THAT!”

“Sorry…” I said quietly, feeling bad about being a nuisance. “I don’t…”

“A family? Pets? Lots of friends and many fans that worship and adore you?!” – the Wizard’s voice was not hiding irritation anymore…

I did not answer…

“What IS it then?!” yelled the Wizard, having lost his temper. “What do you want?! What IS it that your heart ‘REEEALLY LONGS FOR’??!!” – he quoted me mockingly…

“I am sorry, Wizard… I honestly don’t know…” – I heard myself whisper, while watching tears drop one by one on the dust and dirt on my torn and completely worn-out shoes, which had walked hundreds of miles to bring me here… “I thought maybe you’d be able to tell me…”



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