The Tale of the Little Flower

Once upon a time there was a little flower. It lived in a nice little pot on a bookshelf in a big and nice living room. Every morning it would wake up, stretch its little green leaves, smile and say, “Good morning” to the wooden shelf it was sitting on, to the smart books around it, to the colorful rug on the floor and to the black cat curled up in a chair. Every night the little flower yawned, wished everyone a good night, folded its little leaves and went to sleep.

The flower owner watered it every week, and it was very content with its life, feeling happy and proud and keeping its stem perfectly straight.

One day the flower owner moved the pot to a new location. All of a sudden, the little flower found itself on a night stand in the owner’s second-floor bedroom, right next to a window.

“Ouch! What is it??” exclaimed the little flower, squinting at the sun in pain.

“This is THE SUN, you silly!” the little flower heard someone laughing loudly behind it. It turned back and saw a big and fat plant in the corner of the room.

“How do you do,” said the little flower. “Hiya!” responded the big flower light-heartedly, smiling widely. “Haven’t you seen the sun before???”

“The sun?” echoed the little flower, looking perplexed. “No, I’ve never had the pleasure. What is it, ‘the sun’??”

“Wow… This is pretty amazing that you’ve been on this planet for so many years and never heard of the sun,” responded the big flower. “The sun is the light! It is the source of life! It is something that nourishes us, gives us energy, helps us grow, heals us, something without which we wouldn’t last long or wouldn’t even be born! The sun is what sustains us, what’s keeping us alive!”

“REALLY?” the little flower listened with an open mouth, in utter bewilderment. “Then how have I managed to survive without it?”

“You haven’t been ‘without it’ per se. There was only diffused sunshine where you used to be – and that is why you are so thin and sickly, by the way, – but you were experiencing the sun indirectly, and whatever amount of sunlight you were receiving was enough to keep you alive, apparently, but wait and see what happens to you after you’ve lived in the sun for a while. You won’t recognize yourself! If you thought you were having a good life before, you are in for a big surprise!”

“This is all so fascinating!! Is my life going to become even better? In which way?? And why does it hurt me so much to look at the sun if it’s a good thing?”

“Because you’ve lived your whole life in the darkness and are not used to it right now, but it’s all going to change soon. Just wait a little and you’ll see everything for yourself! You have no idea what you were missing!” laughed the big flower. “It’s not something I can put into words, but your life is just beginning, you little silly one! Congratulations!” the big flower smiled widely and kindly.

The little flower didn’t know what to think. It was feeling excited, scared, happy, anxious, impatient, worried and just generally overwhelmed…

Luckily, it was a late evening and the little flower felt the pleasant heaviness in its whole body, which it knew signaled time for rest. It wished its new acquaintance and the whole room sweet dreams and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The following morning the little flower woke up very early from some tickling on its leaves. It opened its eyes to see what it was, but had to shut them down immediately because it was blinded by the brightest light it had ever experienced – even the biggest lamp in its old room downstairs had never produced this amount of light.

After several seconds, the little flower got brave and curious enough to open its eyes again. This time it managed to adjust to the light pouring onto it in such great abundance. It felt the sun’s loving warmth enveloping its whole fragile body. “Wow…” thought the little flower. “This actually feels nice… I think I like it… So this is THE SUN??.. Hello, Mr. Sun!.. It’s very nice to meet you!..”

Several weeks later, the flower owner and her cat were resting on the bed. The owner was rubbing the cat’s tummy as he was lying on his back, completely relaxed, half asleep, with all his paws spread out and sticking up. The owner’s glance fell onto the little flower… or what USED TO BE a little flower… “It looks like the flower likes its new place, doesn’t it? What do you think, Kitty?” The cat reluctantly and lazily opened its eyes just enough to be able to catch the sight of the flower pot on the night stand.

The little flower was twice as tall with three times more leaves than before. Its stem got thicker, the leaves grew bigger and wider and it wasn’t very straight anymore – its whole being was turned towards the window. It had a daughter stem right next to it, too, and there was a small, gentle bud beginning to open to reveal the most beautiful white blossom at the top…

“I guess it does,” thought the cat and closed his eyes again, purring and pushing his head backwards as much as he could while the owner kept rubbing his neck…



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    • Hello Kaspar, it is not on my Home page, but if you click on any article, there is a “Sign Me Up” button in the right top corner. Please let me know if you can’t find it or if you have more questions.


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