“I See You!”

Several weeks ago, I wrote I Am Here to Be Seen and then THIS happened…

It was the end of a yoga class. The instructor wanted us to find a partner and sit in an Easy Pose (I would like to meet the person who named it “easy,” by the way!) – with our legs crossed – facing each other. Our knees had to be touching, the left hand on the heart and the right hand touching the partner’s right hand. We were to look into each other’s eyes. “Not for too long, only for two minutes,” the instructor explained. “The first 30 seconds you’ll probably feel uncomfortable, but after that you’ll see each other’s souls.”

In her lead-in, the teacher had reminded us that we were all one, made from the same energy, and that it was healing for all of us to connect on the soul level. We were also to breathe together with our partners – one rhythm, one breath, one heart, one being…

My partner and I got through the awkward, giggling phase in about 30-60 seconds and then shortly after that, she began tearing up. Her face became red, her lips started twitching and her eyes filled up with big tears.

“Awww…” I wanted to hug her and make her feel better, but we were not allowed to move or to speak, so I stayed in my pose and kept looking into her eyes, feeling love towards her pouring out of my heart.

Suddenly my partner broke the silence and slowly whispered, “I SEE YOU!” She looked mesmerized and sounded astonished, as if she’d just seen a very rare animal in her own back yard. “I see you, too,” I responded, continuing to smile and to feel love for the person in front of me…

After the class, I was rolling up my mat when my partner came up to me, still looking shaken up. She was almost crying again when she said, “That was such a remarkable exercise! I really, really saw you. I saw your soul, and it was so beautiful, so amazing, so… indescribable…” I smiled and gave her a hug.

I also asked her if she knew about Dr. Robert Holden. “The one who wrote, ‘Shift Happens’?” – “Yes, that’s the one.” She had heard him on Hay House Radio, but had never been to his events, didn’t know about the Zulu greeting and was as astonished as I was that those words had come out of her without any prompting…

 At this moment our teacher was passing us on the way out of the room, and my partner stopped her, thanking her for the class and feeling compelled to share her experience. She was in tears again, obviously very moved, reliving what had just happened to her.

“Yes,” smiled the teacher. “The God in you saw the God in her. That’s all…”

I don’t know my partner’s life story – her age, her origin, her job, her marital status, her income, her residential situation… And I don’t feel like I need to… The connection and healing have already occurred…



  1. One’s entire life and all its moments are a prayer a friend and I agreed about several years ago. Nothing more was said or needed to be said. There is courage in your writing outside of that concept.


  2. I did this exercise this past summer and, like your partner, was very moved by it. At first, I was so amazed because I saw deep into the soul of my partner and it was so beautiful. Then, we turned and looked at ourselves in the mirror. That too, was moving because for the first time in my life, I felt love and compassion for my SELF. Truly, all those things we define ourselves by, they don’t matter. It was so liberating for me. Thank you for writing this!

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