Musings by the Ocean

Thoughts – small disturbances on the surface of the ocean,
Innocently popping up in thousands and gently swaying the body of the water.

Then one wave gains momentum and starts speeding towards you.
You are watching it growing quickly, joined by other little thoughts on the way.

It is now one big wave, rushing straight at you, in its undeniable urgency,
Threatening to knock you off your feet, to hurt you, to swallow you.

And just before you, frightened, having believed its importance, decide to move out of its way,
It reaches the shore and breaks into millions of little rainbows, spraying all over you,
Kissing you on the cheeks with refreshing moisture, blessing you.

And you are reminded again of the illusory nature of the monster, of the myth, of the non-existing nature of fear…

You are at peace again…



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