“Therefore” and Relationships

What if we took “therefore” out of our relationships?

“I am your mother; therefore, I must worry about you.”
“You are my daughter; therefore, you have to do what I tell you.”
“I am your wife; therefore, it’s your job to make me happy.”
“You are my friend; therefore, you owe me your time.”

What if we accepted that no one owns anyone?

“I am your mother and I am blessed to have this miracle – you – in my life.”
“You are my daughter and I love seeing your making your own decisions, experimenting, trying things, learning, growing, discovering who you are and who you are not.”
“I am your wife and I am blessed that every day I can choose to be with you and every day you choose to be with me.”
“You are my friend and I am so grateful for all that we’ve shared and been through together and that we both keep choosing to have each other in our lives.”

How would our relationships be different if we took “therefore” out of them?..


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