A Vision

I grab onto the handle on the back yard door, but then pause for a second, stricken by the sudden memories of the long and painful years that have preceded this moment…

All the angst and anguish, hurt and confusion, worries and doubt, hopelessness and desperation… All the searching, waiting, struggling, suffering… The images of the past darkness flash through my mind as I stand in my spacious living room, dim from the indirect light of the afternoon sun…

Then I am ready to return to reality. With renewed strength, I wrap my fingers around the door handle and pull it decisively towards me.

For an instant, I am blinded by the bright sunshine outside and before I regain my ability to see again, I feel someone’s hug on my shoulders. I recognize my husband’s powerful, but loving embrace. “Where have you been, Sweetheart? I was worried!” – there is sincere concern in his voice.

My vision returns and for a while I stare at his handsome face, falling in love again. I let myself drown in his beautiful eyes, kiss him passionately on the lips and smile: “I dozed off, Precious; sorry about that.”

“Are you sure you are OK? You look shaken up.” I smile at the fact that I’ve never been able to hide anything from him. “Yes, I am fine, thank you. Just a bad dream! Let’s go play!” I pull him behind me as I start running towards our friends playing beach volleyball on the sea shore.

“YAY!!” – our friends greet us. “FINALLY!! Where have you been?? We need some help here!”

And we are pulled into the sun, into the shared fun and happiness, into the joy of being, into the simple joy of life…


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