You Are NOT Beautiful

“I am ugly! I am stupid! I am miserable! I always say the wrong things at the wrong time!…” – Our minds tell us.

“I am beautiful! I am smart! I am happy! I always do everything right!…” – Affirmation teachers tell us.

It actually doesn’t matter whose minds you listen to – yours or your teachers’ – thinking in those terms implies that you are your body, mind or feelings, and you know that you are none of that!

And if you are NOT your body, mind or feelings, if what you are is an unchangeable, indescribable, eternal essence that is behind everything, that is keeping your body alive and your mind functioning and your feelings flowing, then how can you be “beautiful” or “ugly,” “smart” or “stupid,” “happy or unhappy…”?

Those words have been made up to describe the world of duality, the world of form, the world of matter, and if the True You has nothing to do with that, then why the attachment to the meaningless words?..

I am sure you’ll agree that photographs can never fully capture the breathtaking scenes of nature and no words can ever express what it really feels like to be by the ocean, in a field or in a forest. We often say, “beautiful” to describe a sunset or a sunrise, a night sky full of twinkling stars, a newborn baby…, but do words really do justice to all those phenomena?

You can’t express reality in words. You limit it that way. You squeeze it into nouns and verbs and adjectives, and the instant-by-instant flow is cut off… There’s no name for what’s sitting in this chair right now. I am the experience of the eternal…” – Byron Katie

You are NOT beautiful! “Beautiful” does not reflect who or what you are!

Would it ever occur to you to use this word to speak about the Divine, about the Power that creates worlds, moves the planets, makes flowers bloom and turns tiny little cells into perfectly-functioning human bodies…? Would “beautiful” really be an accurate description of that power?

Well, your Soul is an extension of that Power, it is one with It! And if you are that same Divine Power, then why would you try so hard to diminish yourself to “beautiful”?



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