A Dream or a Prophecy?

A big and noisy train station.
Waves of people moving in all directions,
In every instant changing the shape of this bubbly ocean.

I am standing quietly on the platform, next to my two big suitcases,
With dozens of people passing me on all four sides,
Periodically elbowing or touching me with their luggage, accidentally.

I do not notice and do not react,
Standing very still and quiet in the middle of the buzzing crowd,
Aware only of the slow rhythmic beating of my heart
And of the delicious anticipation of our meeting.

Then I see you!!!
My heart skips several beats and immediately goes to “allegro!”
I can’t help smiling,
Feeling a warm, gooey feeling spreading all over my body.

My eyes are glued to you as you are running towards me
And my breathing fastens as if it is me running!
I can already feel your loving embrace on my shoulders
When you abruptly stop!!…

I keep watching you in slow motion,
Standing only a dozen meters away from me,
Looking lost, as you’re scanning the crowd, failing to find me.

I want to call you,
But your name gets stuck in my dry throat and I can’t make a sound.
The busy crowd stops making its noise as well,
And I am now watching you in complete silence.

My heart keeps sending SOS signals: “I am here! I am here! I am here!..”
But you look around and can’t see me,
You look right at me and don’t recognize me.

Heavy, desperate tears start welling up,
But I don’t dare to take my eyes off you or even take another breath.

I am watching without blinking
How you gradually and slowly disappear,
Being swollen up by the alive – and now loud again – crowd…

A photo by Anna Dziubinska. unsplash.com/photos/mVhd5QVlDWw

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