The Flu

What if your flu is not an enemy?
What if it’s not an obstacle?
What if it’s actually your friend?

The most loving friend who sees how busy you are every day,
Who knows that you long to pause, to stop, to breathe,
And who, just like you, wants to see you rest, relax and enjoy.

A friend who also loves it when you chat with your friends,
When you get enough sleep,
And when you lose yourself in a good book, sipping on hot tea in bed.

What if the flu is not something to resent, to hate or to curse,
But something to accept, to thank and embrace?

And your body. Oh, your poor body!
So much judgment, criticism, repulsion even!
The sweet and precious body that despite all your cruelty,
Tries to keep you going, tries to keep doing the best job it can for you!

What if it’s not letting you down right now, but saving you and your sanity?
What if it’s gifting you with something of which you keep depriving yourself,
Something that you need the most right now,
And something that no one else in the whole world can give you –
Time, rest and self-care?

What if truly NOTHING in this Universe is against you
And everything is FOR you, even the flu?

What if you finally saw that??

What would seeing that do for you and your life??



  1. Finally! Permission to enjoy having the flu! I’ve often relished that time to do all of those things you mention, but to hear someone confirm that for me is pretty neat. As always, I love and appreciate your wise words Diana xx

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