A Tornado

There’s been a tornado in my town; it’s destroyed my house; have you heard??.
It’s OK; only several people know; it wasn’t on the news…

“When?” – you are asking me?
I don’t know.
A month or two ago.
It’s all a blur to me.

What happened?
I’m not sure.
One minute I was in my chair,
Preparing for Christmas,
The next one under ruins,
Crying, “Help” as loud as I could.

What happened after that?
I cried until I fainted.
Some kind woman heard me,
But everything went pitch-black.

How badly was I injured?
No bone fractures found,
But there was no heartbeat,
They thought that I had died.

Last minute someone heard it,
A quiet, slow whisper.
For many days and weeks
That was what was left of me.

And when I woke up?
I wanted to go home.
They said I was too weak,
I still got up and left.

And what I saw at home?
I didn’t have a home.
My house was all gone.
The trash had been removed.
It was an open space.

Life carried on as usual:
The sun was shining bright.
The planes were flying high.
The planets were still spinning,
But all I’d had was gone.

What are my current plans?
I really don’t know…
But if one’s as free as birds,
They probably should soar…


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