The Beginning of the World

Something jolts me out of sleep,
And I wake up while still keeping my eyes closed.

Blissfully ignorant, still in the Place-Before-Form,
I don’t know anything.
A happy baby again.

I am overjoyed to feel my body against the warm sheets,
The air coming in and out of my lungs,
The stillness and silence around me.

Then the first thought enters my mind,
And in its endless reenactment of the history of the world,
The Paradise is lost again,
The world of duality has just been recreated.

My first thought is one of lack and dissatisfaction,
And it ripples through my body as an unpleasant feeling;
I notice tightness in my chest and a lump in my throat.

The first thought is followed by hundreds and thousands of others,
And the feelings of being torn, tormented, pulled in dozens of various directions
Enter my awareness one by one, replacing the peace of the zero mind
With an urgent need to get up, to run, to do something, to chase, to achieve… –
To somehow fill the apparent void, to return the lost happiness.

I don’t move and keep observing…

The gates have now been pushed wide open and the ceaseless stream of thoughts
Is flooding my mind and my body with all sorts of images and feelings.
I’ve begun creating the universe again,
I’ve begun creating you and me again.

“No two people have ever met,”
Byron Katie says.
Welcome to my movie of the world,
To my story of you.

Good Morning!



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