If You Want to Help…

When someone’s heart has been ripped out,
Don’t tell them it will take them years to heal.
It might very much be the truth, but don’t tell them that…

When someone’s oxygen has been cut off,
Don’t tell them time heals all wounds.
It truly does, but what are they to do this exact moment?

When someone’s reason for living has been taken away,
Don’t tell them it was a flawed life purpose anyway,
That they shouldn’t have given their power away to another person,
Or that they are feeling their thinking.
This is not what they need to hear…

When someone’s bleeding to death,
It’s not the best time to tell them they’ve created their own suffering,
Or that it isn’t real,
Or that he is not worth it…

Hug the person, cry with them,
Hold them tight,
Don’t let go of their hand…

Yes, the nightmare will end,
And no, the monsters aren’t real,
But they need to see it for themselves…

And if you really want to help,
Just be with them.
Don’t mock them.
Don’t lecture them.
Simply love them back to sanity…


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