Something snapped yesterday…

I was reading a book –
Funnily, it was titled “Coming Home” –
And then it happened…

Only several sentences into the chapter,
I felt one of my late grandmothers next to me.

Her presence was so strong and tangible
That I couldn’t ignore it, so I put my book down and listened.
It was as if she was literally standing by my side,
With her warm hand on my right shoulder.

I felt being enveloped in Love…

The next moment an image of you and your new woman
Entered my mind.
You were both very far away,
On the other side of the globe, –
Just hazy ghosts, –
But there could be no mistake –
I knew it was you…

And then I became aware of the lack of any connection between us.
The two of you were living your lives your own way, –
As a new couple, –
And we were now worlds apart.

In an instant both of you became total strangers to me,
A mirage,
Something I had no emotional connection to…

I saw how much distance was there between us,
How much coldness and vast, open space…

For the first time in years,
The thought of you didn’t come with a sharp, stabbing pain,
And your name didn’t tear my heart apart into a million tiny pieces.
The umbilical cord has finally been cut.
There were no ties or strings left between us…

You said you’d archived our photos;
I think I’ve just archived you…



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