Love and Roses

Have you seen this rose?
This is your sister’s
Most favorite kind.

She used to have a bush
Of her own in her garden,
But the rose didn’t make it
Through last winter.

Your sister asked me:
I loved it so much!
I’d spent a lot of time
On that rose,
I’d covered it the best way I could
For the winter,
Why didn’t it make it?”

I answered her:
“My Dear,
Roses aren’t afraid
Of the cold
Of any harsh, severe weather.
What kills them
Is lack of ventilation.
They need to be able
To breathe.

You’d overprotected
Your rose;
Too much insulation
Caused overheating.

Too much warmth
And no breathing air
Is what killed
Your rose.”

“Just like my love,” I thought and smiled…


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