To You…

It’s fascinating how life works. Someone’s head over heels in love with you, but you’re just lukewarm. You stay in the relationship for a while, one foot in, one foot out. You kind of like it. You’re fairly excited. You receive the love of the other person, and it feels good, but not REALLY good, not I-LOSE-MY-MIND-OVER-YOU or I-FORGET-ABOUT-THE-REST-OF-THE-WORLD-WHEN-I-AM-WITH-YOU good. It’s just there. Better than nothing. A nice and warm nest to return to whenever you start feeling lonely or cold or tired… It’s a nice oasis, a sanctuary, a home. Exactly that – A home, never THE home. One of the many stops on your journey, one of your many women, one of your many flings…




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