A Gift

Another one of my relationships has failed…

Do you feel the heaviness of that statement?

I did.


All the pain, despair, hopelessness and agony of that story.

I felt it all.

Deep in my heart and in my stomach.

It was dreadful…

Then today I woke up into a different story.

I somehow managed to see that relationship not through the lenses of what it hasn’t become, but of what I’ve gained from it.

And then I suddenly saw it!!!

It’s funny, by the way, that the word for my yoga practice today was “truth,” because this is exactly what I saw today – THE TRUTH!

I saw that I am now much more confident, powerful, independent and optimistic!

I saw that I am now much more ME!

This “failed” (as we like to call it) relationship has given me more of me!!!

Isn’t that ironic??..

Remember, I told you that when I was driving to meet you for the first time, right in front of me on the highway there was a car with the license plate, “GODSGIFT”?

You truly were!

You truly are!

We are not going to say, “I do” to each other or guess whether our children look more like you or me, but I will forever be grateful to you for the role you’ve played in my life, for the fact that I am feeling so much better right now than when you had found me, for all the great things you’ve brought into my life!..

You’ve been a wonderful Gift!

Thank you, Angel, and Godspeed!


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