Urban Awakening

We are all carried by life’s stream,
With millions of tempting material objects on both shores.

Life is like an entertainment park,
With so many things to admire and want!

Being under the spell of the manifested illusion,
We cast the same spell on our children.

When the new ones join us on this planet,
We teach them to value shiny plastic toys,
Just the way we had been taught.

Over time, the size and complexity of the toys increases:
From the little things that babies hold in their plump tiny hands
To iPhones, iPads, TVs, computers, cars, houses, boats, planes…

The cycle of the confused living continues until there is an interruption:
A loss, an illness, a death…

When our lives come to a screeching halt,
Suddenly shiny plastic objects lose all their value and attraction,
And we begin seeing them for what they truly are;
We inadvertently awaken to the fact that the king has always been naked.

Suddenly the conveyer belt with all kinds of glossy, perishable objects on it
Loses its magic. We stop worshipping the idol we’ve created.
We stop chasing possessions, fame and success.

We become aware that the poster children and self-imposed advocates of the material world do not stand the test of time,
Moving from being the impersonation of happiness on their wedding days
To the scandalous horrors of ugly divorces in a matter of months.
The same magazines, different photos and captions on the cover.

One by one we begin waking up to the illusory nature of the mirage.
One by one we stop seeing value in the past and future,
And return to the “is-ness” of life.

We suddenly begin seeing the damage of the biggest lies of all –
“I am my body.”

And once we learn the Truth,
There is no way to “unlearn” it.
Once we see what’s real,
There is no going back to being obsessed with the fake world of form.

The only way that’s left after that is forward.
The only path that’s left after that is in…


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