A River of Love

Do you know why a breakup hurts so much?
I’ve figured it out!

When we fall in love,
Our hearts open wide
And a river of love starts flowing
From our hearts towards the object of attention,
Spilling over everything in our lives!

Every time we think of them,
There is more momentum,
The river flows faster,
And it feels so good!
It feels exhilarating!

When we are left behind though,
Our abandoned, offended egos
Tell our hearts: “Shut it down now!
No more rivers of love!
Stop all that nonsense!
This is no longer appropriate!”

So we try.
We try to stop a river!
Obviously, it doesn’t go very well.
Obviously, it hurts us very much.

And this is actually where all the pain is coming from –
Every time we think about our beloved,
We try to block this river,
We try to stop the energy flow,
We try to defy the laws of physics
And go against our true nature –
We try to stop being LOVE,
And that hurts!

Resisting our true nature
Hurts more than anything in this world!

Not convinced?

Think of someone you don’t allow yourself to love.
I know!
It’s the worst!..

Then the remedy is simple:

Keep loving everyone!
Don’t resist your true nature!
Don’t close down your heart!

Keep loving everyone!
Whether they’ve loved you or left you…
Whether they’ve pampered you or hurt you…

Keep loving everyone!
You cannot not love anyway!

You are LOVE!
Stop fighting it!
Stop causing yourself pain!

Get out of the way!
And let that river flow again!…




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