What if?..

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
~ William Shakespeare

Sometimes I imagine that all this life is just a play.
We are all on a big stage, performing our roles.

Sometimes I imagine that when the show is over,
we all get off the stage for a big, loud, happy party.

I see all the people in my life gathering together,
hugging, laughing, joking, having lots of fun.

Even the “cruel” ones are here –
drama masks off,
faces relaxed,
big smiles on their faces:

“So, how was I in my role? Believable?
Wasn’t I awesome in my “meanness”?
Wasn’t it the best performance you’ve seen?”

They hug me tightly and passionately,
enveloping me in love, while having a good belly laugh.

“No, be honest! Tell me! Wasn’t I good???
Didn’t you believe that I was truly mean and heartless?”
– they can’t stop laughing while patting me on the head
and pulling me towards them one more time
for another heartfelt hug and a big kiss on my cheek.
“Anyway, I’ll catch you later! Go see the others, Love!”

Sometimes I imagine that there is truly nothing serious going on
on this planet,
that we are all just playing,
some believing their roles more than others,
some buying into other people’s performances more than others.

What if this world were really just one big theater?

Would you still stress over all those “problems” in your life?
Would you still worry about who does or doesn’t like you?

What if none of it actually mattered
because none of it were true?..

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash


  1. …and what if we’ve asked everyone to play the roles they are playing so we may learn, change, and grow.
    To help us see ourselves.
    To show us what we Love and want.
    To show us what we don’t Love or want anymore.
    What if we’re all in this together helping each other.
    That every act of unkindness or “meanness” is actually being done solely because they Love us so much.
    That they would do ANYTHING to help us – including being mean, unkind, and awful toward us.
    What a True Friend that would be.
    In Spirit.
    In Love.

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