Why I’ve Published “A Love Story of a Beam of Light”


Three weeks ago, I announced the publication of my very first book. Since then I’ve received many questions about it, including why and how it was published, what it was about, etc. I’ve made this video to answer those questions. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Congratulations! I’m happy to see this video! It’s like sitting down and catching up with you. I got the book on my Kindle and read it very quickly. Then I have been thinking and thinking about it a lot ever since. I put a review on Amazon, but I just want to also write here that I am so proud of you and so happy you have done this book! You say it exactly here: the book is about so much more than love between 2 people, breaking up, healing: it’s about LIFE! Congratulations my dear friend! Love you!

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  2. Thank you SO MUCH, River, for your touching words and the amazing Amazon review! I’ve just seen it and also this comment, and I appreciate your kind words very much! They mean a lot to me! Thank you and I love you, too! Hugs! 🤗❤️🙏✨


  3. Hey there my name is Maggie and I just read your book I found it wonderful and I am happy for you. I was wondering have you had an exposure to the three principles?
    I am hoping to open up a dialogue
    yours in awareness

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