I Forgive You, Life

These days it is not uncommon to hear about the importance of forgiveness. In spiritual and self-development circles, the word is being used as often as in any church. We are encouraged to forgive anyone who’s hurt us, to ask forgiveness from all the people that we’ve hurt and also to forgive ourselves.

I’ve done that. I’ve forgiven my heartless teachers and professors from the Soviet Union, my parents and sister. I’ve forgiven everyone who’s given me a hard time, tough love or no love at all. I’ve even forgiven myself.

I’ve forgiven myself for judging myself for simply wanting to be happy, for wanting a life partner and a family, for wanting to be surrounded by beauty, joy and laughter, for wanting to travel the world and to have love, happiness and fun adventures in my life. I’ve forgiven myself for all of that, but today I’ve heard something new. This morning my beautiful yoga instructor mentioned forgiving the Universe.

From a strong emotional reaction inside me to her words, I knew that she was onto something. I observed my thoughts and feelings in response to this new concept and realized that this is where my energy had been stuck. This is where I was tight, upset and angry – I was having a grievance against Life!

I didn’t like being 38 y. o. and not having my own family, my own place to live or any clarity about my future… I didn’t like that I had been through a lot of emotional pain and that too many of my lifelong dreams and strong desires had been crushed or broken by Life. Or at least, this is what I was subconsciously believing.

Thank you, Tiaga, for bringing light into this part of me! I am ready to release more of my old beliefs, to surrender, to let go… I am ready for this prayer…

“Dear Life, I know that you haven’t done anything to hurt me. It is actually physically impossible because you are simply a river – flowing, expressing, being. You are neither good nor bad, neither wonderful nor horrible. You simply are. You are ike a baby – pure, simple, present, open… With no past or future, with no evil plans or old grudges… You simply are…

I embrace you… I love you… I forgive you…”

Photo by planetMitch aunger on Unsplash


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