It’s a New Day… It’s a New Me…

Have you felt it too? –
When you yourself
Get sick of your sickness,
When you yourself
Get tired of your tiredness,
When you yourself
Are fed up with all your sadness…

What would it be like
To leave the comfortable territory
And explore something totally new,
To climb out of the oh-so-familiar
(Hello, my dear, dear old friend!),
But depressing box,
And bathe the face
In the pouring sun rays?

What would it feel like to –
For the first time ever –
Fearlessly open up the chest
And breathe in deeply
With the arms stretched side to side,
Ready to embrace the world?

What would it be like
To conciously choose happiness,
To change the default setting
And try something
Completely different?

What would it be like???…

The scales have tipped over.
Getting curious about new possibilities.
Becoming brave enough
To stop crawling on the tummy
And fly away
Like a beautiful butterfly…

The transformation is complete.

This is a new day
And I am choosing a new me…




  1. It sounds easy and the result would be so good, but I don’t know why I can’t take the step of going forward living all these “what if…” Hugs to you dear Diana!

    Liked by 1 person

    • From my personal experience, it seems that one needs to reach the point when they decide that they’ve suffered enough and consciously choose to try something different… And then it’s about consistency…. I’m still learning this myself, will let you know how it goes… 😊 Love you, Zorya! 😘🌷💖✨


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