A Meditation

“Don’t touch anything that appears,
because it will soon disappear.
Look within to where
there is no name or form
and you will know who you are
– Freedom.”

– Sri Harilal Poonja – “Papaji”

I read this short paragraph on Kindle and take my eyes away from the screen, contemplating the quote. The Kindle I am holding in my hands right now will be gone one day, as well as all the furniture in my home, – I slowly take a look around the room, – the building itself, the people I know and love, everything and everyone that I already have in my life and even everything that I am still only dreaming about…”

I’m feeling my hands, my whole body and whole being relax with relief… No more grasping, clinging, gripping… I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, releasing all the stress and tension of my unfulfilled dreams and desires…

Then I get ready and leave for a yoga and meditation class, mentally taking the quote and its feeling with me.

The class begins and we start going through various kriyas with eyes closed. While moving my body, I go very deep inside and suddenly see an ocean. In my mind it’s cut in half, like a cake, to reveal its different layers like in a biology book.

After watching its waves splash on the surface for a while – racing each other, spraying everything with white foam, rushing, hurrying, making fuss and loud noise… – I move my gaze to the section under it and observe.


“…Look within to where
there is no name or form
and you will know who you are…”

I shift my attention to myself and now feel the same calmness within. I realize that I don’t really know any longer where my body starts or ends. I just feel some aliveness inside me and it doesn’t seem to have any limits. I suddenly stop being solid and become fluid like water. I AM the ocean now – vast, deep and peaceful.

“… and you will know who you are
– Freedom.”

This is exactly what I’m feeling now:
Freedom from worries, anxieties and pain…
Freedom from all the stress of everyday life…
Freedom from past and future…

Then it’s time to roll up the mat, head home and get ready for work.
It’s time to bring the same peace and calmness into the rest of my day…

Photo by Mathew Waters on Unsplash

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