Life like a Russian Novel

A man wants to be with a woman, but the woman wants to be with another man, who is dreaming of still another woman…

Sometimes life reminds me of Russian novels: Dmitry loves Natasha, but Natasha loves Nikolai; unfortunately, Nikolai loves Anna, who is in love with Stanislav…

When people believe that their happiness is hidden inside other people, they will usually try anything to squeeze it out of them: flirting, all kinds of manipulation games, convincing, emotional blackmail, passive-aggressive and sometimes simply aggressive behavior, attacks.

Can you imagine how much easier life will be for everyone when more parents begin teaching their children that no one can complete us, no one can make us happy, no one can give or take love away from us?

Then when a man wants to be with a woman who is in love with another man, there is no drama. Everyone blesses each other and lets each other go in peace. Nice and simple.

When we all truly know that all the treasures we can ever desire are within us, there won’t be any need for so much unnecessary pain and suffering. We will stop trying to shake our own contentment and satisfaction out of other people.

Changing the fairy tales that we read to our children at night, the stories that we tell them throughout the day, the songs and movies that we make for everyone to listen to and to watch will bring about the freedom, peace and harmony that we have only been dreaming about…

Photo by James Bold on Unsplash


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