Your Path

When all your old structures disappear,
When all your dear people aren’t there anymore,
When someone’s invisible hand’s shut down all the lights,
And it feels like God Himself has forgotten your name,
Don’t despair.

I know it feels like death has found you,
Like everyone else has been given a path, but you,
Like you’re the only one who wasn’t born for love and joy,
But none of it is true!

It feels like a death because it is.
But not of you – only of your ego…

Embrace this death, give it supper, sit with it in silence,
Then let it go in peace, and go to bed, rest.

The next morning celebrate your rebirth,
Salute the sun, the sky, the world.
Be quiet, still and pay attention.

Follow the crumbs that God has left for you
On your now unobstructed Path,
Which has always been there,
And the only piece that has always been missing
Has been you…

Photo by Luisa Azevedo on Unsplash


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