“Life Loves You!”

I’m returning from a business trip to Vermont. My tiny little plane from Burlington has just landed in Philadelphia and all the passengers have lined up in the aisle, impatient to get off the plane.

The man in front of me is holding a big black backpack in one hand and two boarding passes in the other. “Oh, he must have a connecting flight, too,” a thought crosses my mind. “I wonder if he is also going to Vegas,” another thought comes, entertaining me while I am patiently waiting in line.

The man is holding his tickets so that they’re facing me. I glance at the top one, completely out of boredom and idle curiosity, to see if I can recognize the words “Las Vegas” somewhere. Instead, I see the name of the person, which I have no interest of knowing, so I move my eyes away, while still catching that the first name is short and has letters “G,” “R” and “E” in it.

The line starts moving and I walk down the aisle, forgetting about the whole thing that was simply helping me to kill time a minute ago.

Once off the plane, I am heading to the nearest desk for my airline company to find out the gate for my connecting flight. When I approach the desk, the man who was standing in front of me on the plane is starting to walk away from it. I ask the lady my question and before I even finish it, she replies: “It’s Gate C22. Just follow that man – he is going to the same place.” She points in the direction of my disappearing “acquaintance.”

The man is keeping a brisk pace, but I’m not taking my time either – there is only an hour of layover time and I don’t know how far I need to go to catch my second plane, so I keep walking quickly, keeping up with the man in front of me, not stopping for anything. On the way I see a shop selling hot pretzels. They smell heavenly and look very appealing, but I keep walking in order not to miss my second plane.

When I am at a long hall with two moving walkways, I am being slowed down by a group of people who are just standing on the walkway, talking, so I stop. This is when I lose the sight of the guy I was following.

Halfway through the second walkway, I notice two white pieces of paper on the belt under my feet. After I pass them, I realize they were two boarding passes. There is a flow of people walking quickly behind me and I can’t return to pick them up. “Uh-uh! Someone’s gonna have a fun time boarding their plane today,” I hear a comment behind me.

After I get off the walkway, I follow the signs to my gate and I’m there in less than one minute. I double-check the number of the flight and the destination on the electronic display and notice the note that says boarding will begin in 23 minutes. “Oh, that’s actually enough time for me to get those pretzels that looked so yummy back in Terminal A!” I realize. I begin walking back, doing the walk I’ve just taken in the opposite direction.

Soon I’m back in the same hall with two moving walkways. I notice that the two boarding passes have been carried to the end of the walkway and pushed onto the floor in front of it. People just keep walking, stepping onto them.

There is suddenly a small gap in the crowd and I jerk towards the passes, while having some practical thoughts that I can look at the airline name on the tickets and take them to the nearest desk of that company – the staff will figure out how to get these boarding passes to their owner.

I smile, suddenly recognizing the familiar three letters from the first name that I had just recently seen. “Oh! These actually belong to that man who was walking in front of me!” I double check the airline name, the destination and the departure time – “All correct! This guy is on my plane to Vegas! Well, then I know exactly who they belong to and can actually take them back to him in a minute myself. I hadn’t really looked carefully, but I think I’ll be able to recognize the guy – I think I remember his coat and backpack – both black!”

I go get some hot pretzels to have before my five-hour flight to Las Vegas and once I am back at the gate, I start looking for the guy. “Hmmm… This might be more difficult than I have thought.”

“Excuse me, do these belong to you?” I approach a man with a black coat and backpack. “No, thank you,” he responds. I keep scanning the big crowd, starting to feel lost and disappointed.

“Well, I can always give these to the airline representative at the gate desk, and they can announce the guy’s name over the microphone, telling him to come to the counter and pick them up.” With that thought, I begin walking towards the desk, but then I suddenly see him! He is sitting right by the gate.

“Excuse me, do these belong to you?” – “Oh, thank you!” the man smiles. – “Life loves you! Today is your lucky day! You’ve already won!” I joke, referring to the fact that he is heading to Las Vegas…

I find an empty seat and feel amused and fascinated while chewing on my pretzels –this is exactly what all spiritual teachers talk about when they say that the Universe is always conspiring in our favor!

The seemingly disconnected chain of events had made me stand behind this guy on the first plane and made me notice his name on his boarding pass. Then it made me go to exactly the same counter and follow him to the gate. Then something made me so hungry for those pretzels that I saw on my way there that I actually walked back for them (doesn’t happen every day!) and I had time for that, too! Then, accidentally, the tickets were still there when I walked back; I happened to see them and had the strong urge to be a good Samaritan and help out the person who could have been feeling very worried and upset at the moment. I also managed to recognize the guy when I returned…





Don’t you think?


One of my friends likes to quote this saying attributed to Einstein: “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

This truly is a friendly Universe! We constantly get help with our life challenges from the circumstances that are being orchestrated in our favor and the people – often complete strangers, like in this case, – who are being sent into our lives to assist us in some way!

So, maybe it really does make sense for all of us to relax! To worry less, to trust more and to allow ourselves to simply enjoy our lives and be happy!

Photo by MURUCUTU on Unsplash

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