“You Are Lovely!”

Today I taught my last Russian class at the local library.

The classes were free to the public, so there was no compensation for me. It took a lot of time to prepare fun lessons for the attendees. I had to drive 40 min both ways three Saturdays in a row, when I could have been relaxing after a busy week or catching up with my chores. I don’t know if any of these students will end up taking classes at my college – it’s a very long drive for them and our courses are expensive, – so this wasn’t for marketing purposes either. I had agreed to teach this class series last fall, when I wasn’t busy and the idea sounded like a fun challenge; I most likely would have turned down the offer had I received it this semester. However…

Today, when I was saying goodbye to these beautiful Souls, which all have managed to become good friends in such a short period of time, everyone was so unbelievably loving, sweet and kind to one another and to me! They said that they were very happy to have met me and many wanted to stay in touch. There were many smiles, hugs and kind words exchanged! And then there was this one older lady!

She and I were walking out of the building together, so we chatted. Still another time, she thanked me – both in Russian and English, – for the classes, told me that she and the rest of the group all had a lot of fun and then looked me straight in the eye and said:

“You are lovely! Do you know that???

You are absolutely sweet, beautiful and lovely! I really hope you know it!

You are lovely and adorable! Pleeease know it! [The last two sentences were pronounced slowly and with a lot of emphasis, almost like a plea.]

And your country is beautiful! I’d never seen the images you had shown us. Thank you for sharing them!..”

I got into the car with her words still ringing in my ears. While I was putting the key into the ignition and setting up Google Maps to “Home,” I suddenly felt that I’ve just been paid more than any money could have ever offered…

Life is truly about sharing love, giving others timely sweet reminders and putting smiles on other people’s faces!

Go out and make somebody’s day today!

Photo by Ciprian Boiciuc on Unsplash

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