An Inquiry

What if what I call “my life” is simply a story in my head?

Sometimes joyous, sometimes sad,
Sometimes happy, sometimes depressing…

What if all the things that I’ve experienced are simply a part of a good movie –
Something that I’ve managed to identify with and built my whole identity from, –
But reality is something that I’ve rarely experienced because of my endless mental commentary?

What if one day I woke up and didn’t remember this story?
Who would I be without it?
Who would you be without yours?

Without all the filters and lenses that color our reality with the flavors of the past
And keep bringing past into the present?
Without all the statements like: “I am this because of that!”

“Because of her!..”

“Because of him!..”

“They did this to me!”..

“I am in pain because of what they put me through when I was a child!…”

Who would we all be if there were no past events to discuss and exchange,
If all of a sudden we all have lost our ability to remember, retell and relive our stories?

Who and how would we be?..

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

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