I get an inspiration to do an interesting project, to take a trip, to start a new relationship…

It feels like fun, it feels like joy, it’s so effortless!

So I do it!!!

I jump all in and do it!

A little time passes on and suddenly what has started as fun and joy feels heavy, frustrating and depressing!

It feels like hard work!!!

What’s happened? What’s gone wrong?

Wasn’t I inspired to do it? Wasn’t I supposed to start it?

It hits me like a ton of bricks!!! – I was! I was! I was!

I was supposed to do it! I was supposed to get it! I was supposed to start it!

But I was also supposed to stay in the flow and keep listening to the inspiration instead of assuming what was to come!!!

Somewhere along the line, I decided that I knew where all of this was taking me, so I stopped listening to that feeling inside of me and passed the wheel of my ship on to my mind again!

And so when the inspiration went right, I kept sailing straight!!!

And just like in that children’s game, things starting getting colder and colder and colder the further I moved away from where I was supposed to go!..

Thus, when your flow stops and your vehicle comes to a screeching halt,
Don’t blame it on God or Universe or your mother…

Simply go back to listening to your GPS!

It will recalculate and you’ll be on your way before you know it…

Photo by Jonathan Smith on Unsplash

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